Hello, pet-lovers! It’s me, Pooja and today I’m going to tell you all about pet-care during the monsoons.


As a groomer, I often come across pups and kitties, during the monsoon, with unkempt coats. Due to the high moisture content in the air, their coats get matted and disheveled. And these lead to a number of problems like pimples, redness, itchiness and fungal infections. This will leave your pet irritable and agitated. The key is proper brushing. After shampooing them thoroughly and conditioning them, make sure you blow-dry them with cool air. Hot air will cause them to get a cold, so make sure you change the setting on your blow dryer. Then, comes the hard part, the brushing. Brush in smooth, long stokes, remove tangles gently, start at the top and work your way down. Brushing not only helps keep your furry pal’s coat healthy and lustrous, but also keeps you on the look out for ticks, infections and abrasions.


The weather can be unpredictable, especially in a city like Mumbai, where it’s sunny one minute and pouring the other. So, always keep your pet’s raincoat handy when you’re taking him/ her out for a stroll. I make it a point to stock up on raincoats during the monsoon at Doggiie Dog World, so that my adorable furballs don’t have to be exposed to rain.


Exercise sessions during the monsoons are hard to come by for your pets. But you don’t want your pet to get lethargic and lazy. So, alter their diet slightly, so that they’re still playful and not weighed down. My advice would be to feed them wholesome homemade food. Make sure the water they’re drinking is pure and uncontaminated, because this can cause your little munchkin to fall sick and feel terrible. So make sure you avoid oily foods that’ll slow your furry friend down.


As the monsoon rolls in, you will notice your pup or kitty isn’t their usual peppy self. This is because the weather affects them as much as it affects us. The change in the weather affects them in a similar fashion as it affects humans. Their playfulness is gone and their spirits are hampered. The thunder and lightning also affects them negatively. They become withdrawn and have a tough time coping with the dreary and gloomy climate. So make sure you plan a large number of activities for your pet at home. This will lift their moods, while also keeping them active and energetic.

Here are a few pointers I thought I must share with my fellow pet-thusiats regarding the monsoons. Help them brave the rains!

Have a woof-tastic day! Until next time!