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Coat Conundrum: Should You Shave Your Dog’s Coat This Summer ?

20/05/2016 | Published by


So we’re all aware that the summer’s here and my lines have been flooded with pet parents calling me to book slots for grooming sessions with their pets. But when they come in for their session, they want be to completely shave their pet down, so that he stays cool during this season. But what they don’t know is dogs like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies, among others, have a double coat. ... VIEW ARTICLE

Ways to make your pet Paw-sitively happy

08/05/2016 | Published by

Bow Wow Pet lovers,

Remember the last time you caught your puppy sitting on a yoga mat meditating? The answer to that question is no, close to never. That is because whenever we think of our pet’s paws, we think of them as made for walking. But just like our feet Ms. Whiskerson’s paws also get tired and need care and attention.

Pads are a helpful step towards keeping your pooch’s paw happier as they provide protection ... VIEW ARTICLE

Wiser care for your older dogs

30/04/2016 | Published by


Bow Wow Pet lovers,

Have you recently noticed that your canine buddy is getting tired faster; panting a lot more and his sleeping hours are getting more prolonged?

For you, your dog may always be a lovable little pooch but with the passing years your dog is growing older and developing more aliments. The signs of old age are marked by fatigue, increased permeability to diseases which maybe becoming more and ... VIEW ARTICLE

Tick Tricks: The Cause And The Cure

19/04/2016 | Published by



I can’t count the number of times worried pet-parents have asked me how to rid their pets of ticks. It hurt them to see their little furball suffer from a tick infestation, troubled and irritable. The constant scratching, the agitation and the biting, are all painful ways to watch your little one be distressed over parasites. The causes of all these symptoms are ... VIEW ARTICLE

5 Ways To Improve Your Pet’s Dental Health

11/04/2016 | Published by

Hello lovelies!

Thank you for your messages, I’m glad my tips have been useful in enhancing your pet’s lives. Lately, I have been receiving a lot of queries from worried pet parents regarding the dental health of their pets.

Dental health is an important aspect both for dogs and cats. If you notice a pungent odour emanating from your pet’s mouth or have been noticing a decline in their appetite, it is a sign of ... VIEW ARTICLE

Warning: Summer Is Coming!

02/04/2016 | Published by

Hello lovelies!

Spring is at the verge of ending, and summer is on the onset. Apart from warm winds, scorching sun and dehydrating days, there are a lot of unpleasant effects the season brings along. We need to brace ourselves to deal with summer problems like rashes, heat strokes and body odor. But in this life that we share with our pets, we need to watch out for the wellbeing of our paw-tastic buddies. Summer ... VIEW ARTICLE

DO NOT: Give your dogs these food items.

24/03/2016 | Published by

Hello lovelies!

Hope you’ve been jolly and gay with your paw-tastic buddies. Just got back from a little food shopping for my pets. While at it, I met with another pet parent who’s pet wasn’t keeping really well. Turns out it had to do with something he has eaten.

The pet parent was new and didn’t know much about the dangerous foods to keep them away from. It’s sad that the poor baby had to face ... VIEW ARTICLE

Boarding – What you should consider

15/03/2016 | Published by

Hello Lovelies!

Hope you’ve been fur-tastic.

Even as lively pet-thusiasts, we may tend to travel a little too often. Be it a short business trip, or a vacation with friends, we are barely able to take our little snugglers with us. I know how hard it is for us to leave them behind, but just because we can’t take them with us doesn’t mean that we ‘leave them alone’. And seeing as it’s the summer, I ... VIEW ARTICLE

Top Dog Breeds for Families

08/03/2016 | Published by

Hello Lovelies,

Lately, I have been getting queries from a lot of pet lovers on choosing the best dog breed for their families. People usually ponder over dog breeds when they feel that its time to add another member to the family.

There are numerous breeds available out there, choosing the one that will be good for your family and determining the perfect characteristics can be a tough task.

Every dog breed has a certain set of traits ... VIEW ARTICLE

Why Your Cat Won’t Eat

01/03/2016 | Published by


I hope your pet family is doing great. I have been getting a lot of emails from pet parents who are worried because their cats won’t eat. Our lovely felines come with a reputation for being really particular about what they eat. Yes! They can be real dames when it comes to their diet. There can be many reasons behind your cat not eating. Some may be mood related, while some may be conditions that ... VIEW ARTICLE