Games We Play: Games You Can Play With Your Pet

20/02/2016 | Published by

Hi Again!

Today I have a little list of games to keep both you and your lovely little babies engaged and entertained. Boredom is not something we love as humans, and it is definitely not something your pet would appreciate. Lazing around all day at home and doing the usual things everyday can really spike boredom levels in your pets and result in them being dull and uninterested in life.

What is life without entertainment, anyway? So, ... VIEW ARTICLE

How To Keep Your Pets Warm This Winter

05/02/2016 | Published by

With the winter winds keeping us wrapped in sheets and folds, we sure have ensured our comfort from the cold but have we really got everyone covered?

The cold climate brings with it a sigh of relief from the scorching summer heat and humidity for us to enjoy, but not every living thing is winter friendly. I’m referring to our four legged friends. Our pretty pets may not be very comfortable with the ... VIEW ARTICLE

7 New Year Resolutions For You And Your Pet

21/01/2016 | Published by

As this year draws to a close, it’s got me wondering what my resolutions are going to be for 2016. There’s of course going to be a lot of emphasis on health and holistic healing, but my little munchkins also play a big feature in my resolutions and they should in yours too. Here are some suggestions to help you and your pet have a fit and wholesome 2016.

1) I will take my pet for ... VIEW ARTICLE

Christmas Gifts For Your Pets

15/12/2015 | Published by

‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la lalala! As December rolls in, we know it’s going to be a party month and on Christmas, it is customary to gift all your loved ones with tokens of affection. Pet parents and friends of pet parents always ask me what gifts are appropriate to gift to their pets. So this year, I have decided to be Santa’s elf and come up with a list of things ... VIEW ARTICLE

Taking Care of your Feline Friends

23/11/2015 | Published by

Cats are known to be a species that emote less than most animals. There’s no 100% way of knowing what they’re thinking or feeling at every given moment, owing to their inability to express themselves like other pets. Pet parents often ask me if their beloved kitty is feeling sick because they seem withdrawn. There’s a possibility of this, but because of their nature itself, they are temperamental and I’d suggest acclimating themselves to the ... VIEW ARTICLE

Hydrotherapy- Why it’s beneficial

21/10/2015 | Published by


Today we’re going to explore the benefits of hydrotherapy for pets. Quite often pet parents come up to me and complain that despite their regular walks, their little munchkins are overweight and suffer frombreathlessness and an array of ailments. And I have just one solution for them- canine hydrotherapy. The next question, inevitably, is what is canine hydrotherapy. I then explain that it is an alternative way to heal dogs using water for pain relief ... VIEW ARTICLE

Should Pet Parents Undergo Pet Training?

21/09/2015 | Published by

Hello All,

I’m back from Singapore and in my travels, I was often asked if new pet parents need training too in order to start looking after their new munchkins. This got me thinking and I too was left wondering whether this was a good idea. And so I listed out some reasons that helped me decide my stance on the matter. Keep reading to figure out where I stand on this.

1. The Bond: Learning how ... VIEW ARTICLE

4 Ways To Help Your Pet Brave The Rains

08/08/2015 | Published by

Hello, pet-lovers! It’s me, Pooja and today I’m going to tell you all about pet-care during the monsoons.


As a groomer, I often come across pups and kitties, during the monsoon, with unkempt coats. Due to the high moisture content in the air, their coats get matted and disheveled. And these lead to a number of problems like pimples, redness, itchiness and fungal infections. This will leave your pet irritable and agitated. The key is ... VIEW ARTICLE

DDW Introductory Blog

03/07/2015 | Published by

Hello All, I’m Pooja Advani, owner and founder of Doggiie Dog World.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a passionate, loyal, honest person and this is reflected in all the relationships in every sphere of my life. Working with animals has been a childhood passion, so, when the time came, after dabbling in advertising, jewellery designing and sales, I zeroed in on making pet care and welfare my profession. Do what you love, love what ... VIEW ARTICLE