Ways to make your pet Paw-sitively happy

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Bow Wow Pet lovers,

Remember the last time you caught your puppy sitting on a yoga mat meditating? The answer to that question is no, close to never. That is because whenever we think of our pet’s paws, we think of them as made for walking. But just like our feet Ms. Whiskerson’s paws also get tired and need care and attention.

Pads are a helpful step towards keeping your pooch’s paw happier as they provide protection against rough grounds, insulate against unpredictable weather conditions and help absorbing shock for bones and tissues.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your pets ‘paws healthy:

1.But first, cleanliness

Regular washing and basic hygiene measures go a long way in keeping your pet’s paws fit. Look for foxtails, pebbles, small bits of broken glass and other debris that might be lodged between their paws. Tweezers might prove to be of invaluable help in freeing your pet’s paws of all these tricky dirt particles.

2.Protect against extremesfont>

Imagine stepping barefoot on a pavement on a scorching summer day. Ow! right? Imagine what your dog’s feet might go through each day of heat laced summer and harsh winters. Provide protection measures for these seasons and prevent them from going pad-less on hot summer and cold winter days.

3.Polish them up

No, this obviously doesn’t mean you should apply polish on your pet’s nails. Instead pamper your pet’s paws with pedicures. If you hear their nails scratching or snagging on the floors, it’s time to book that paw care appointment. Take your veterinarian’s advice and find the correct moisturizer for your dog’s nails. Do not use your regular moisturizer for your pet’s nails as it can cause them to soften and crack. Coconut oil is a good alternative instead and wouldn’t harm even if your dog swallowed it.

4.Cut, trim and snip

After consulting your vet find the correct nail clippers for your pet’s paws. Learn how to use the clippers properly and use them regularly. Also trim your pet’s paw hair regularly to avoid uncomfortable matting. Also take care to remove any dirt or catch in between the toes.

5.Massage therapy

Similar to a foot massage, massaging your pet’s paws helps them relax and relieves a lot of pain. Start by rubbing between the pads on the bottom of the paw, and then rub between each toe. Your pet will be extra thrilled and jumpy the next day after this special treatment.

6.Take regard

Constantly check their paws for any signs of injuries or cuts. During the course of the day, our four-legged friend’s paws encounter all sorts of the mysteries of the ground. Therefore they get hurt and scraped easily. Always apply first aid to these injuries and when trying any new physical activity, go easy on your pet’s feet. Give them some time to learn and get use to the activity. Prevention is better than painful cure. So always keep an eye out for your pets and their paws.

Until next time,

Have a woof-tastic day!

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