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Even as lively pet-thusiasts, we may tend to travel a little too often. Be it a short business trip, or a vacation with friends, we are barely able to take our little snugglers with us. I know how hard it is for us to leave them behind, but just because we can’t take them with us doesn’t mean that we ‘leave them alone’. And seeing as it’s the summer, I know you’ve been waiting soak in the sun on a beach or ski down some snowy slopes, but what about your pet?

I know that I can’t take my babies along wherever I go and that may be the same case for every pet parent too. So why leave your puppy love alone and upset, and worry about their food and care, when you can board them?

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Pet boarding is the perfect way for your pet to enjoy his vacation at a home away from home. Many argue that pet sitting is a better option, but what they’re not considering is, not many people are comfortable with a stranger staying in their home, looking after their pet. And the main advantage of boarding is that your pet not only learns to socialize with other pets but also receives a ton of exercise because of all the fun activities that are carried on at a pet care centre.

It is very important for you to choose a dog-boarding facility that is trusted, dependable, and a reputed one. At Doggiie Dog world, we offer the best pet boarding services / daycare. We understand and ensure that every pet is loved and cared for in the best manner.

I’m sharing a few things you should consider when thinking of boarding your dog at a facility:

Check The Facility

Before you drop off your fur balls at a boarding facility, it is a must that you take a preliminary visit to the facility to:

•See if it has all necessary equipment and bandwidth to accommodate your pet.

•Check if the place is clean.

•Take a look at the boarding area.

•Get an idea of the ambience and environment the facility has to offer.

At Doggiie Dog World, your pet can bring their favorite toys, blankets, or other comforts along to enjoy themselves in fully air –conditioned rooms.

The Staff

It is very important to check the staff at a boarding facility. Because leaving your pet behind in the hands of trusted and friendly individuals will help relieve you of most of your inhibitions regarding boarding. So, make it a point to meet the owner and staff members personally.

•Check if the employees are responsive, pay attention, and have knowledge to answer your queries.

•Check if the staff members are motivated and passionate about the animals.

The staff at Doggiie Dog World comprises of trained pet lovers that can deal with any unusual situation.


I’m sure, the safety of your pets is very important to you. Check if

•There are any hazardous objects in the surrounding.

•The locality is safe and not in and area where your pet is at risk.

•The facility has a vet, who is always on-call.

We also have a standing agreement with a local veterinarian, incase of emergencies.


Get to know the kind of routine your pets will have during their stay at the boarding facility. We don’t want our dogs to be cooped up in a cage all day.

At Doggiie Dog World, your pets are made an important part of the ever-happy family.
We believe that they deserve the very best care and attention during their stay with us.
We have air-conditioned rooms, free puppy socialisation classes, “yappy” hours to give your pets their best day.

At Doggiie Dog World every pet is treated like a royalty. It’s not really boarding, it’s a home away from home. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are extremely professional; yet carry out our duties with utmost passion, love and affection. Every staff member is trained to look after pets of all ages and breeds, paying attention to the needs of each pet individually, whether emotional or medical.

If you’re looking to book a slot for your pet at doggiie dog world, please ensure you have the following documents signed and dated:

1.Passport size photo of you

2.Photo of your dog

3.Copy of your ID proof and address proof (Aadhar card, passport, driving license etc.) / if rented the copy of leave in license

4.Copy of your dog’s recent vaccination papers

5.Vet referral & who recommended you / Vet to also certify your dog is physically fit irrespective of age.

6.Travel itinerary and contact details while travelling

7.Mandatory kennel cough vaccination – 5-7 days before boarding date

8.Please put the tick and flea medicine day prior to boarding date

So as you book your vacation, book that of your pets and travel stress-free. You must enjoy your vacation as they enjoy theirs, in the love and care of trained professionals, who are completely attuned with pet behaviors and age groups.

These are a few things you might want to consider before and while you board your pet. If you think there are some more precautionary measures one should take, give me a shout; I’d be happy to help you!

See you soon! Until Next Time!

Have a Woof-tastic Day!