Terms & Conditions

  • All prices on all services are fixed. No discounts and no credit facility available
  • Full payments for all services to be made in 100% advance at the time of check-in
  • The pet will not be allowed to leave the Doggiie Dog World premises if the full payment has not been cleared
  • Payments will only be accepted in cash, via credit card, debit card or a bank transfer. In case of a bank transfer the payment has to be made before the pet arrives at Doggiie Dog World. Pet services will commence once the management sees the bank transfer payment proof.
  • We have a strict no refund policy for all services
  • After grooming is complete, the Doggiie Dog World team will call you to pick up your pet. If your pet is not picked up within the hour of our phone call to you, daycare charges will be applicable and levied along with the grooming charges
  • Check – in time for boarding clients is strictly between 8 am and 9 pm only. We reserve the right to refuse clients who do not adhere to these timings.
  • Check – out timing for boarding clients is sharp 11 am (after 11 am, a grace period of only 30 minutes maybe offered on request, post which a day care charge will be levied.)
  • Check – in time for pet daycare is 8 am onwards for 9-hour slots. There will be no check-in & check out in between 9 pm to 8 am.
  • Last pick up time for day care clients is 9:30 pm. No grace period will be offered and a charge of Rs.200 per 30 minutes will be charged after 9:30 PM
  • At check out it is your responsibility to check the pet thoroughly along with the Doggiie Dog Word Staff, once the pet leaves our premises no complaints of any kind will be entertained
  • For day care & boarding services, the registration process has to be done in full, vaccination proofs & all other documentation will be checked by the management, failing which DDW has the right to refuse entry of the pet
  • Pet parents & family friends cannot take the pet outside the premises of DDW before the entire check out procedure has been followed for any reason whatsoever, except in the case of any emergencies.
  • When pet parents & family friends visit the pet during his/her stay at DDW, no outside food is allowed to be given to the pet unless they have checked with DDW management
  • The management reserves the right to refuse services and change the rules and pricing as per their discretion

Please adhere to the rules & regulations in order for you and your pet to enjoy their time with us. Failure to comply with any of the above mentioned rules will lead to refusal of admission of the pet to our premises.

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