Fun Swims at Doggiie Dog World

Doggiie Dog World is the only place in Mumbai city where you’ll find a dedicated pool specifically designed and built only for pets. Pooja Advani, founder – Doggiie Dog World, is one among the very few, qualified, trained and experienced hydrotherapists for small animals in India. Swim sessions for pets at Doggiie Dog World are mainly of two kinds; fun swims and hydrotherapy sessions. These waterbabies absolutely love playing in the pool, especially when they are introduced to toys and other fun games.

Your pet gets dedicated pool time here, which means that s/he is free to jump in, swim and totally let loose in it under supervision. Armed with a wet suit, Pooja Advani goes into the pool, before introducing the pet to water. She then guides the pet into the water and works with him/her to overcome fear, ease pain and treat the disability.

The pool at Doggiie Dog World is specially designed and constructed for pet hydrotherapy and fun swim sessions. It has a large enough, indoor pool for the hydrotherapist to conduct pet exercises. The sand filtration system maintains excellent hygiene levels for pets in the pool. Also the water is regularly UV sterilised. To save our fur-babies fur coats from fading over time, chlorine-free water is used.

Hydrotherapy Sessions

Hydrotherapy essentially means ‘water healing’. Vets recommend hydrotherapy for pets with medical conditions since it involves non-weight bearing exercises. It is also used for pre and post-operative rehabilitation and care, where pets do controlled exercises in warm water.

Hydrotherapy exercises are most effective in warm water, so the pool at Doggiie Dog World is temperature controlled and heated. A non-slip ramp with a gentle slope helps pets enter the pool gradually. Specially designed buoyancy jackets keep pets afloat and safe from drowning.

Our Swim Sessions

  • The length of swim sessions vary from 10 to 30 minutes and depend on your pet’s ability and capability
  • All swim sessions are carefully monitored and controlled; your pet will be accompanied by a trained hydrotherapist and have a life jacket on, to ensure safety at all times.

Read our blogs about hydrotherapy / swim sessions for more information or Call +91 8104 51 30 41 | +91 9167 2422 18 to know more.


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