Grooming Your Pet At Doggiie Dog World

Getting professional help to groom your little four-legged friend is more than a necessity these days. The essential bathing ritual, keeping them preened & pretty, preventing skin issues, checking for parasites, cuts, swelling and lumps are all part of the regular grooming care every pet needs. Our dogs need to look the part; after all they are a reflection of our own grooming standards, right?

Pooja Advani specialises in hand scissoring and styling different breeds of doggiies of all shapes and sizes. She even gives them a little makeover of sorts, how about some feather extensions, glued jewels, mohawks or even temp tatoos, eh? Woof woof!

Regularly grooming your pet could save you from unnecessary visits to the Vet. A clean pet is always a happy one!

Grooming Packages For Your Cats & Dogs

Posh Pooch Package

  1. Premium Shampoo Treatment x2
  2. Moisturising Conditioner Treatment
  3. Hand Brushing & Velocity Blow Dry
  4. Breed Standard Cut or Pet Style
  5. Nail Trim / File / Buffing
  6. Eye & Ear Cleaning (with excess ear hair removal if necessary)
  7. Paw Pad Trim
  8. Groin Shaved & Sanitary Tidy
  9. Breath Freshening & Doggy Cologne
  10. Pawdicure Nail Polish By Request
  11. Unconditional Tender Loving Care

Preening and Primping

  1. Velocity Blow Dry
  2. Hand Brushing
  3. Nail Trim / File
  4. Eye & Ear Cleaning (with excess ear hair removal if necessary)
  5. Paw Pad Trim
  6. Groin Shaved & Sanitary Tidy
  7. Maintenance Trim of Face – Feet – Tail & Sanitary Areas
  8. Breath Freshener & Puppy Cologne
  9. Unconditional Tender Loving Care

Basic Bath & Brush

  1. Shampoo Treatment x2
  2. Moisturising Conditioner Treatment
  3. Hand Brushing & Velocity Blow Dry
  4. Breath Freshening & Doggy Cologne
  5. Unconditional Tender Loving Care

Extra Offerings

  1. Flea and tick treatment (use the Tick and flea medicated bath + handpick )
  2. Furminatore treatment
  3. DE-Matting
  4. Handstripping
  5. Soothing Medicated Bath
  6. Feather hair extensions & crystals

Our Open Door Policy

We have an open door policy where you can be present and view the entire process of your pet being groomed.

Package Pricing

Doggiie Dog World’s grooming packages are priced as per the size and breed of your pet, as well as the condition of its coat. Usually a quick examination before we begin, determines the exact cost of your dog or cat’s grooming session.

Read our blogs about pet grooming for more information. Call +91 9167 2422 18 to book an appointment for your pet.

Pet Safety

Pet grooming at Doggiie Dog World takes place in a quiet, loving, clean, smoke-free environment.

To relieve them from discomfort, a short haircut or stripping the fur is recommended for pets with very tangled or matted coats. Regularly grooming your pet helps keeping their coat, shiny and new. It also saves you from unnecessary visits to the Vet.

If your dog or cat becomes overly stressed or aggressive while under our care, we reserve the right to stop the grooming process for both, our safety and that of the pet.


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