Highly trained and qualified canine behaviourists are few are far in India. Pooja Advani, founder – Doggiie Dog World is a certified, trained and experienced K9 Behaviourist & Trainer from highly acclaimed pet care learning centers in Singapore and London. She has been in the field of pet care and wellness since the year 2010 and has worked with scores of pet owners to identify and resolve behavioural issues faced with pets.

Doggiie Dog World will help you create a warm and loving relationship with your pet that is balanced with the right amount of discipline too.

Training your puppy at Doggiie Dog World

Every pet dog has its own individual personality and unique traits. Pooja Advani spends time with your puppy, identifies what will work best for him/her by using training techniques that are motivational and reward-based. We ensure that obedience training your pet at Doggiie Dog World is an enjoyable and gratifying experience.

  • The first phase of obedience training your pet begins when your puppy is about 4 – 6 months old or as soon as all the initial vaccinations are done.
  • At Doggiie Dog World, we believe in training pet owners/ handlers with equal importance. This helps pet parents develop a nurturing relationship with their fur babies right from when they are little.
  • We start with the getting your pup’s attention, listening to and following commands such as heal, sit, down, place etc.
  • We train pet owners on how to handle their pet with on and off-leash control.
  • As a pet parent, you will learn how to effectively communicate with your puppy and tackle basic behavioural problems like jumping, housebreaking, barking and nipping.
  • Our training includes an introduction to socialisation and group playtime for pups. This is an important training for pet owners, where you learn how to handle your pet in groups

Obedience Training Sessions at Doggiie Dog World:
Pet’s Age: 4 – 12 months ideal but we can start at any age
Time: 45 to 60 minutes per session
Call +91 81045 13041 | +91 91672 42218 for pricing and more information

Board & Train Your Pet At Doggiie Dog World

We also offer a Board and Train service, where you leave your pet with us for a period of 2 – 3 weeks for training. After this, you as the pet owner come in for 3 – 4 sessions with your pup to familiarise yourselves with the training techniques before you take him / her home. (Call us for pricing and more information)

  • We take every precaution for the safety and protection of your puppy
  • Pooja Advani works with each pet on a one-on-one basis during the training period
  • We have a dedicated team hand-picked and extremely well-trained by Pooja Advani to care for your little munchkins
  • An open, outdoor play area is always kept clean and is free from any sharp edges that could harm pets while playing
  • Our centre has double bolted doors and security cameras installed to keep a watchful eye on pets
  • Our entire centre is pet proof, always squeaky clean and free from odours

K9 Behaviour Consultation with Pooja Advani

Pet parents often call Pooja with behavioural issues that they face with their pets. She helps pet owners identify problem areas and suggests effective ways to train or re-train their pets accordingly. These problem patterns could be as simple as seasonal dietary changes or sudden personality changes too.

The consultation sessions with Pooja Advani are a great way of knowing where you stand as an aspiring pet owner, the daily Dos & Don’ts as a new pet parent and understanding specific care instructions for particular pet breeds too.

Pet’s Age: 1 year plus
Time: 60 minutes per session
Call +91 81045 13041 | +91 91672 42218 for more information

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