A Little About Us

Pooja Advani
Founder, Doggiie Dog World

“Do what you love, love what you do!” says Pooja Advani – founder of Doggiie Dog World! Since she was a child, Pooja always dreamed of having a house full of pets. She is a doting pet parent to two gorgeous Shih Tzus, a Labrador and numerous dogs and cats. Pooja Advani moved to Singapore to educate herself in all aspects of pet care and grooming for her pet children. Four years later with some solid international work experience as a Certified Groomer, K9 Behaviourist, Trainer and Hydrotherapist for small animals, Pooja moved back to India and founded Doggiie Dog World in May 2014.

Pooja Advani has a zealous, vibrant and strong-willed personality with an impressive mix of being a thoroughbred professional. After being in the field of pet wellness for several years, Pooja Advani holds a special place in the hearts of her clients. Her passion for animal welfare and pet care comes through in the day-to-day management of Doggiie Dog World.

After returning to India, she decided to set up a full fledged pet care centre, in an independent 2500 square feet bungalow in Mumbai, replete with state of the art international equipment and products required for pet wellness & care!

As a pet mom, Pooja Advani understands what it takes to have a healthy, well-groomed and well-mannered pet. All activities at Doggiie Dog World are personally managed and monitored by Pooja Advani.

Pooja Advani’s Qualifications

In 2010, Pooja Advani moved to Singapore to educate herself in various aspects of pet care and is a Certified Groomer, Dog Trainer, K9 Behaviourist and a Hydrotherapist. She worked for 3 years in Singapore as a Specialist – K9 Cosmetology & Trainer after which she went to London, UK to train as a Hydrotherapist for small animals.


“Initially, I wanted to learn how to groom and train my own pets, but after I learnt about the significant health benefits associated with good grooming habits, hydrotherapy and rehabilitative care for pets, I decided to turn my love for animals, my experience and training into a profession so I could work with all pets.”

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