Dogs will now go to school. Yes, you heard it right. Dog trainer and behaviourist Pooja Advani has recently launched It’s A Doggiie Dog World, a one-stop pet wellness destination, where pets will be taught how to socialise with other pets and even other people. – See more at:

“Here, pooches will learn how to communicate better with their owners, socialise with other pets and how to behave positively even in unfamiliar situations,” says Advani, who decided to start a service like this after training her two dogs, Bobo and Baloo.

“After my training them, my motive has been to educate not only the pets via the puppy school but also first time pet owners. This will strengthen the relationship between the pet and their owner and ensure better communication. As a dog owner myself, I understand the pride that one takes in a well-mannered pet,” she adds. – See more at:

The first 8-10 sessions at the school will be individual classes after which 3-4 group classes will be conducted wherein all pets and their respective owners will come together. Different breeds and temperaments will be taught how to deal with each other. They will also be taught different types of sounds so that they are comfortable in any given environment, thus, training them to not react in fear to a situation. These classes will also help the owners to handle their pets in different situations. Activities will include retrieving objects and behaviour sessions.”The best feature of this service is the attention given equally to the owners as it is essential that they too understand how to train and handle their own pets. It is imperative that pet owners form an equal part of the classes. The first session is always a lengthy interaction between the pet owner and us. We have a set curriculum wherein the pet owner is asked to repeat all the sessions at home and come back to us with feedback and queries,” explains Advani.