Dog lover and parent Pooja Advani recently launched It’s A Doggiie Dog World, a personalised pet spa and wellness centre for dogs. A groomer, dog trainer & K9 Behaviorist and Quantum-Touch Practitioner, Pooja had been practicing as a Specialist – Canine Cosmetology & Trainer in Singapore for three years before she decided to launch her own doggiie world in Mumbai. She is also a registered Hydro-therapist for small animals from NARCH UK and has applied her experience to create a unique splash pool for dogs that is not just fun but also therapeutic.

At the Doggie Dog World Splash Pool, they use a controlled environment to convert play into a host of benefits for your beloved pet. Your pet is assisted with buoyancy aids, life jackets, toys and encouragement. The 5 feet wide and 12.4 feet long pool is equipped with jets to increase resistance. It is also UV sterilized, chlorinated, constantly filtered and tested 3 times daily to ensure that it is perfectly safe for your dog to enjoy. The water is heated to a therapeutic 28-30 degrees Celsius helping to relax muscles and relieve stiffness in the joints. Surrounding the pool is a non-slip ramp, angled at a gentle slope, which allows your dog to enter the water effortlessly, assisted at all times by the train.

Besides general grooming and obedience training for young or adult dogs, Doggiie Dog World also provides puppy training classes where they are not only instilled with obedience training, but also new skills, which serve as an important purpose in the pup’s development. They may include aspects like socialization and group play-time for pups. These 30 minutes sessions and suitable for all puppies under the age of one year.For all the busy pet parents in Mumbai Doggiie Dog World offers a day care for your furry friends while you are busy, or at work.