Amaira chhabria chats with the founder of it’s doggiie dog world – pooja advani, on breaking into a new career of being a certified groomer, trainer and k9 behaviorist.

Whether at work or playing with her pets, young Pooja Advani is always on the move and bursting with energy! Being an animal lover, she has allowed her passion to become her purpose, by making it her profession. Inspired by her dogs, Bobo and Baloo, this everyday entrepreneur firmly believes that no house is a home without an animal friend in it.

Educating herself in various aspects of pet care, she is a UK certified groomer, a dog trainer, K9 behaviorist, quantum-touch practitioner and a hydro therapist for small animals. Pooja says “For almost three years, I gained first hand experience, as a Specialist in Canine Cosmetology & Training. I had truly found my calling.” Simultaneously, she was preparing to set up a one-of-a-kind luxury dog-grooming salon in India.

So what is ‘It’s A Doggiie Dog World?’ “In early 2014, my long awaited dream came into existence as we opened doors to a full-fledged pet wellness centre. Operating from an independent 2500 sq ft air-conditioned bungalow in Andheri, Mumbai, our USP is very clearly to offer a one-stop pet destination and make a difference. “She performs and manages every activity, and these are streamlined into five activities:

Art of Grooming

Specializing in creative grooming, Pooja excels in hand scissoring and specific styling across various breeds. Dogs and cats of all ages and sizes are provided with up-to date equipments, namely, hydraulic grooming tables/ bath tubs, high impact dryers, great quality shampoo and conditioner with clean towels.

A Splash Pool

In a controlled space, pets are assisted with buoyancy aids, life jackets, toys and lots of encouragement. Surrounding the UV sterilized pool is a non-slip ramp, allowing them to enter the water effortlessly.

Obedience Training

They get owners involved so as to focus on improving their relationship with pets. Aiming to you’re your dog more athletic and active, simple commands are taught with techniques to handle them, along with on and off-leash control.

Puppy Training School

Training is a one-time cost and the experience lasts owners a lifetime. Pooja also emphasizes on new skills such as introduction to socialization and group playtime.

Day Care

Most importantly, pets deserve and desire love, affection, security, comfort and supervision. While one is busy, they attend to your bundles of joy just like their own by giving them a safe, clean, healthy environment.

While looking for a professional groomer, Pooja insists on verifying their qualification, experience, reputation and methods of handling. On being asked her about her average workday, this ambitious mutli-tasker expresses, “I start at 7 am and split my week into two by allotting pool activities and grooming to specific days.”

And where to from here? “I am receiving positive feedback and my expansion plan include- setting up a boarding centre with fun activities, introducing water treadmills, and adding a doggie gymnasium with a retail setup. Lastly I intend to provide a veterinary hospital with a rehabilitation centre, “with so much going on she barely has any time left for herself! Regularly attending pilates and swimming sessions, Pooja also manages to spend quality time with her close friends. She soft- heartedly credits her achievements to Buddhism.

These words of wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda, President of Soka Gakkai International have had a big influence in her life- “When we draw strength from within, our outlook undergoes a dramatic transformation; everything around us looks completely different. To be strong – that is the key to happiness. “And for Pooja, there is nothing better than being surrounded by pets that live happily with their human facilities.